• Aya Metwalli & Calamita - Al Saher [LP] released on Zehra Records, DE, 19.05.23

• Sound Seqeunce Volume 11 [filmed performance] released by Petites Planètes / Vincent Moon, FR, 30.01.23

Sitt-il Muhanna [track] released on FLEE Records, FR, 12.11.21

In Memoriam [track] commissioned by Irtijal Experimental Music Festival, LB and Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, UK, 16.09.21

100 Leyl [track]commissioned by Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival, LB, 24.06.21

Mdou Moctar - Layla (Aya Metwalli Remix) [track] released on Matador Records, US, 21.05.21

Nadia Daou [Nâr] & Aya Metwalli - Saturnus [filmed performance] released on Ruptured Label, LB, commissioned by Lumen Project Stockholm and Musikverket, SE, 19.03.21

Senyawa - Istana (Aya Metwalli Remix) [track] released on Annihaya Records, LB, 21.02.21

Matkhafsh Menni [track] released on Nisf Madina; a compilation curated by Ma3azef music magazine and New-York based mastering engineer Heba Kadry, 04.09.20

Cabaret Macabre [live performance] composition for Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart commissioned by Musik der Jahrhunderte Stuttgart e.V., 2020

ESP function of the MS20 mini [video tutorial] commissioned by Nuts And Bolts Norway, 2020

BEITAK [EP] self-released, 28.12.16